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Memorial Balloon Releases
Atlanta, GA
As well as happy events, we also provide balloons for the funeral of a loved one.
Many people say that it helps them feel they are releasing the person and that helps with the grieving process.
A funeral should be as unique and special as the person it represents. More and more families are realizing the importance of creating a personalized tribute that celebrates an individual's life, loves and special moments. There are many meaningful ways to remember someone we love.

Keep in mind that a funeral or memorial service can take place almost anywhere at any time. From a traditional setting to a favorite indoor or outdoor location, that best reflects your family's beliefs and the life or interests of your loved one. 
Balloon Releases - Balloon releases are mostly held at the end of a graveside service on the cemetery grounds. This is a meaningful way to bring closure to a graveside service. Family and friends each release a balloon into the air quite often with a prayer. Releasing balloons can symbolize many things such as sending prayers and messages to Heaven, the soul taking flight to Heaven, or a sign of letting go of grief.

Call 404 406 1439 Today to order, minimum order 50.00 we deliver to the location.
Including special items of remembrance in a service allows you to celebrate the things that made that person unique.
This might involve photos, articles from a personal collection, a well-loved piece of music or even a favorite food.
What about a balloon release?
From simple to elaborate, the possibilities for sharing special memories are unlimited.

There are also many meaningful ways to pay ongoing tribute to a friend or family member. Lasting keepsakes such as engraved golf balls or copies of a poem can be given to guests at a service as a memento to honor a special life. In addition, a special tribute in the form of a donation, an event or a permanent memorial can help create enduring and important reminders of the person you loved.
Whether you are planning a service for someone close to you, or are interested in preplanning options, we are here to assist you in creating a personal and loving tribute that will celebrate a life lived and serve as a source of inspiration and comfort to those left behind.

Memory Tables- At the visitation, home and/or funeral, the display of personal photos and memorabilia bring comfort to those attending as well as to the immediate family. BALLOON WISHES offers several options for displaying your items, including memory tables, which allows for a more extensive display of personal items and biographical information.

Picture Boards - Pictures displayed during the visitation, home and/or funeral help tell the story of a person’s life. We provide the board and fasteners for you to create a special photo montage.

We follow a strict safety code.